Frank Bay St. John is a lesser known beach that is only a few steps from town. It is a great beach if you have to kill some time before flying out or if you don’t have a car. It only has a few parking spaces so it is never crowded.


It is small but has everything a great beach needs: turquoise, clean water, white sand, palm trees and good snorkeling. It is outside the national park so you can bring your dog.

The only downside is the access to the water is a bit tricky, there are rocks and a few sea urchins. There is one sandy patch entrance to the very right (when facing the water). You will however walk over some cobblestones to get there so bring shoes if you have sensitive feet.


There is another entrance right in the middle by the palm trees, there is  a stretch where the rocks are round and no sea urchins, but be careful when there is a swell, crashing waves can trip you over.

How to get to Frank Bay, St. John

From Beach Bar, take the road that goes up the hill along the water, passing Grande Bay Resort and Gallows Point. After Gallows Point, bear right and follow the road down to the water. You will see a small parking lot to the left next to Coconut Coast studios.


The beach has no facilities but if you get hungry, there is a little shop up the hill at Gallows where you can get Coffee and snacks (and rent snorkeling gear). While at Frank Bay, you might also want to stop at Coconut Coast Studios to admire the beautiful art or find some souvenirs.

Snorkeling at Frank Bay St. John

There is great snorkeling at the rocky corner to the right (swimming towards Gallows Point).

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