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Remembering Hurricane Irma

The devastating category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria have changed St. John forever and a St. John guide would not complete without some images and video of the devastation. Below video was shot from Grande Bay Resort. 

Are corals animals, plants or rocks?

With their hardened surfaces, corals are sometimes mistaken as being rocks. And, because they are attached, “taking root” to the seafloor, they are often mistaken for plants. However, unlike rocks, corals are alive. And unlike plants, corals do not make their own food. Corals are in fact animals.


Mangrove Snorkel at Hurricane Hole

You have been to most of the famous snorkeling spots and are looking for something different? How about a Mangrove Snorkel?

Is St. John Sargassum Edible?

Lots of seagrass has been washed onto St. John’s shores overnight, so question that naturally pops up on this island where food is notoriously expensive, is it edible?

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