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Mingo Cay donated to TVIL

MINGO CAY, Virgin Islands – Philanthropist, financier, and St. John homeowner Donald Sussman announced today the donation of Mingo Cay island to the Trust for Virgin Islands Lands (TVIL). Mingo Cay is a nearly 50-acre island situated two miles off the northwest coast of St. John and two miles off the northeast coast of St. Thomas.

Sunday, March 22, 2020 Coronavirus update, St. John, USVI

Sunday, March 22, 2020 Coronavirus update

wow this has been a whirlwind week. We are doing ok, so far 6 cases in the territory with about 40 results pending. Of course due to low testing the actual rate is believed to be much higher.

Most restaurants and bars as well as shops have announced their closure to protect their staff and following the 10 person rule. 

Remembering Hurricane Irma

The devastating category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria have changed St. John forever and a St. John guide would not complete without some images and video of the devastation. Below video was shot from Grande Bay Resort. 


Visit Mermaid’s Chair, St. John

Mermaids chair is a beautifully private tiny bay. Calling it a beach would be an overstatement, but depending on swell and tide level there can be a tiny pocket of sand just big enough for a towel.


Stingrays on St. John

Another interesting creature you might see swimming or snorkeling on St. John is a Stingray. Close to shore you are most likely to see the Caribbean Whiptail Stingray as in the photos, but if you venture further out or snorkel from a boat, you might also see a beautiful spotted eagle ray.


Catherinenberg Ruins, St. John, USVI

The Catherinenberg ruins are ruins of a 18th-century sugar and rum factory. The consist of a circular horse mill and a very well preserved wind mill. They were part of the Hammer Plantation and are one of the oldest plantations on St. John

Are corals animals, plants or rocks?

With their hardened surfaces, corals are sometimes mistaken as being rocks. And, because they are attached, “taking root” to the seafloor, they are often mistaken for plants. However, unlike rocks, corals are alive. And unlike plants, corals do not make their own food. Corals are in fact animals.


Frank Bay, St. John, USVI

Frank Bay St. John is a lesser known beach that is only a few steps from town. It is a great beach if you have to kill some time before flying out or if you don’t have a car. It only has a few parking spaces so it is never crowded.


Turks Head Cactus

The Turks Head Cactus is a small rounded Cactus with a big read head. It can be found at St. John’s East End where  the climate is much hotter and drier vs. the Cruz Bay area.


Ram’s Head Trail

Another must do while on St. John is the Ram’s Head Trail. It is a beautiful hike which starts at the very remote East End of St. John at Salt Pond Beach. There is always a nice breeze so it is also good on hot summer days.


Cinnamon Beach, St. John, USVI

It is a beautiful, long, white, sandy beach with plenty of space where you will always find some privacy, especially if you walk to the very far left end. It’s a beach for action: You can swim, snorkel, surf (when there is a decent Northern Swell), windsurf, sail, kayak, paddleboard and observe the site of a recent architectorial dig. There also is a loop trail through the ruins.


Hermit Crabs on St. John

Another interesting creature you will most likely see on St. John is a Herbit crab. These crawly little creatures live in shells that they haul around on their backs. They are also known as “soldier crabs” or “purple pinchers”.


Jumbie Bay Beach

Jumbie Bay Beach is a great beach during the busy season. It only has 5 parking spots so it never gets crowded. It basically gives you the beauty of Trunk Bay (which you can see in full if you swim or paddle out) without the crowds.

Summer in January – Love City Live 2016

Beach, Boats, Reggae, Rum & Island-Vibe…Don’t be left out in the cold.


Maho Bay Beach – St. John, USVI

Maho Bay Beach is another great St. John beach. The water is usually calm and it is nicely protected from the wind. It is usually the calmest spot on the North Shore and  a great spot for beginner snorkeling and paddleboarding and families with kids. When you stay close to shore, inside the bay, you will be safe even if the wind is howling.


Trunk Bay Beach, St. John, USVI

Trunk Bay is St. Johns most famous and most photographed beach. It regularly makes it into the world’s top beach rankings. It also is one of the busiest beaches on St. John especially during the high season (winter months). And it is the only beach that actually charges an admission fee, unless you get there before 8:30AM or close to sunset (4 PM).


Johnny Horn Trail, St. John, USVI

Even after a few years on St. John I am still amazed by the beauty of the nature and the trails. Today’s story is about the Johnny Horn Trail, just half an hour outside Cruz Bay you can find yourself in total wilderness and enjoy tranquil, stunning views.


Frangipani Caterpillar

We got this photo from Rock Hoppin’ yesterday and thought that make a nice addition to our Animals&Critters of St. John section. It is a Frangipani Caterpillar that will eventually turn into a giant moth, a common moth in the American tropics and subtropics in lowland habitats.


8 Tuff Miles St. John 2016

Approx. 14 weeks until we line up for the start of the 20th Annual 8TM Road Race. Seriouly folks, it’s time to start training. Local registration will begin on Tuesday
December 1st. Once again it is best for ANYONE hanging out on STT & STJ to walk into our registration locations, sign up, pay and walk out with your bib number in your hand. See for those registration locations.

8 tuff Miles St. John on Facebook


Santa Anna’s Gold in a Pirate Sea

Looking for a great book to read on St. John? Something written by a local author?


Peace Hill, St. John

The Peace Hill hike on St. John  is a very easy one, but nonetheless very rewarding. It begins at a Parking off Northshore Road, about half a mile after Hawksnest.


Love City Triathlon, Aquathon & SUPathon 2015

Join us Labor Day Weekend for the 16th Annual Love City Triathlon & Aquathon & 2nd Annual SUPathon! Compete in the Tri as an individual or join a relay team. $45 entry fee includes t-shirt, finisher’s award, on-course support, beach picnic, and custom awards three-deep for the Tri, Aquathon, SUPathon and relay (thank you Gail at Pottery in Paradise!). Rent a SUP and have it delivered to the beach on race day for $20 from Arawak Expeditions. Register at, or pick up a registration form at The Tap Room or Arawak Expeditions on St. John, Caribbean Surf Co. on St. Thomas, or Stamina Sports on St. Croix. Register early to be guaranteed your shirt size.



Love City Country Music Festival 2015

Saturday was the last day of Love City Country Music Festival 2015 at totally amazing event pulled of on this tiny, beautiful island with only 4000 inhabitants.


Mangrove Snorkel at Hurricane Hole

You have been to most of the famous snorkeling spots and are looking for something different? How about a Mangrove Snorkel?


Visit Easter Rock

Easter Rock is a giant, majestic boulder right next to St. John’s North Shore Road (after Hawksnest and before Peace Hill). When driving East, it will be on the left hand side.


Annaberg Sugar Plantation Ruins

In 1717 the Danes started huge plantations growing mainly sugar cane for rum. Slaves were forced to work on the plantations, gruelling hours sometimes from 4.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Life was very rough for them and in 1733 the slaves organized a revolt which ultimately led to the abolishment of slavery.


Visit Hawksnest Beach – St. John, USVI

One the best beaches on St. John is Hawksnest. It is not too long of a drive from Cruz Bay (little under 2 miles from Mongoose Junction), parking is close to the beach and the palm trees and watercolor is just amazing.

St. John Arts Festival 2015

Feb 14th – 18th the 15th Annual St. John Arts Festival takes place in Cruz Bay and surrounds. Kicking off with Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra on Saturday at 12.30pm and filled with other performances including dance, film, music and crafts. See for more information!



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Visit Francis Bay, St. John Beaches

Francis Bay on St. John has just been ranked as “12 clear water beaches you need to see to believe” by Tripadvisor. Well, almost any beach on St. John could qualify for that, but Francis really is a great beach.

Is St. John Sargassum Edible?

Lots of seagrass has been washed onto St. John’s shores overnight, so question that naturally pops up on this island where food is notoriously expensive, is it edible?


Wounded Warriors Picnic

American Legion Post 131 is hosting a community picnic for visiting Wounded Warriors; Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014, 1 pm in Coral Bay at Legion headquarters (at the Agriculture Center complex, near the Love City Mini Mart). These visiting veterans are recovering from physical and emotional service-related injuries; kayaking here in local waters is part of their continued therapy and recovery. The picnic is a community event. All are invited.

We ask that you bring a food item to share, if possible. Others have asked about making a small monetary donation toward the event; that is also appreciated.

For more information, please contact Doug (Crabby) Benton, Post Commander, at 340 201-1837.


Drift Away Day Spa St. John

Drift Away Day Spa invites you to immerse yourself in our serene oasis. A blend of experienced professionals and modern luxury, Drift Away is St. John’s premiere day spa.

St. John Arts Festival 2015

Feb 14th – 18th the 15th Annual St. John Arts Festival takes place in Cruz Bay and surrounds. Kicking off with Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra on Saturday at 12.30pm and filled with other performances including dance, film, music and crafts. See for more information!


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