It is a beautiful, long, white, sandy beach with plenty of space where you will always find some privacy, especially if you walk to the very far left end. It’s a beach for action: You can swim, snorkel, surf (when there is a decent Northern Swell), windsurf, sail, kayak, paddleboard and observe the site of a recent architectorial dig. There also is a loop trail through the ruins.


The beach is rougher and windier than Maho which is a better choice for families with small children but the wind and swell is what makes the beach interesting for surfers and windsurfers.


Former Cinnamon Bay Campground

Cinnamon Bay was home to a camp ground that was established by National Park Service in 1964. There were cottages and tent pitches but all was destroyed by Hurricanes Irma and Maria and there is no timeframe for a rebuild. The upside is that now with the concessions and campground gone there is ample parking and the beach is much quieter and more relaxed, making up for Maho which is now busier due to the the new “tiki bar”.


Cinnamon Bay Loop Trail

This is another cool thing to do while at Cinnamon, the trail winds through ruins of a sugar factory and then up the hill into the woods above the bay. You have to exit the beach and walk back to the parking lot and along the road to get to the trail head on the left hand side, about 100feet out.


How to get to Cinnamon Bay

Head on North Shore Road (left up the hill past Mongoose Junction) and keep following the road. You will pass Caneel, Hawksnest, Jumbie, Trunk, Peace Hill. You will then come to some very steep switchbacks and after that Peter Bay Esates Gate will be to left. Cinnamon Bay is the next beach after that. It is quite a long walk from the parking to the beach, so for a day where you want to bring coolers and a lot of gear you might want to choose another beach with parking closer by.

Cinnamon Bay Facilities

  • Watersports center where you can rent all kinds of water sports equipments including Windsurfboards, Surfboards etc.
  • Toilets & Showers
  • Snack Bar
  • retail store