Easter Rock is a giant, majestic boulder right next to St. John’s North Shore Road (after Hawksnest and before Peace Hill). When driving East, it will be on the left hand side.

Why “Easter Rock”?

Well, first of all it looks like a giant Easter Egg. Legend has it that the night before Easter Sunday, the giant Easter Rock makes it’s way down to the beach to drink from the sea and then returns to its majestic outlook before sunrise and the first people notice it is missing. Non-believers have to explain while it is wet in the morning, no matter how dry the night or weeks before have been.


How did Easter Rock get up there?

The explaination for that is more scientific. A very, very long time ago, a serious of volcanos erupted in what is called Pilsbury Sound today (the body of water between St. Thomas and St. John). This massive eruption created the island that is St. John today and also threw large chunks of rock into the air, one of them the Easter Rock.



And if you keep your eyes open walking or driving on St. John, you will see more little brothers of Easter Rock, there is one about a forth of its size but in a very similiar shape on Bethany/Pastory for example.