Seriously, maybe the single most useful item on St. John (well, after suncreen and bug spray). You might have heard about “island time”, so yes waiting will be part of your trip. Like for the ferries, which are never on time (and everywhere else where 5 minutes are, well, 5 island minutes which is something like bubble gum. ¬†It can magically extend. When you have something to read it is half as bad.

kp-slate-01-lg-on-v3The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is so good, you can even read it in bright sunlight on the beach.

Another plus is that you can read in the dark during St. Johns frequent power outages. The battery lasts weeks, not hours!

And, there are some awesome books set on St. John or the neighboring islands which really are a must-read, especially “Don’t stop the carnival” and “Back time on Love City – The carnival never stopped“. Our ultimate St. John reading list is here.