The Virgin Islands are a stand up paddler’s paradise offering everything from calm bays for beginners to crossings and crazy downwinders for experienced paddlers and if you are lucky you might find some really good uncrowded waves, too! standuppaddling-stjohn

Try paddleboarding on St. John, it is totally amazing!

  • anyone can do from 6 year old kids to seniors (only condition: you need to be a good swimmer)
  • younger kids can ride along sitting on your board
  • It is a great total body workout, burning 800 calories per hour!
  • You can even do your Yoga or Pilates routine on a paddleboard – so much more fun than in a gym.


What is Paddleboarding (SUP)?

SUP is short from Stand Up Paddling. You stand on a over-dimensional surfboard and move along the water using a long paddle.  The sport is an ancient form of surfing, and reemerged as a way for surfing instructors to manage their large groups of students, as standing on a bigger board gave them a higher viewpoint.

People of every age and ability can learn to Stand-Up Paddle and St. John with it’s warm, turquise water is a great place to start. Only condition: Being a good swimmer, in case you fall in.


Paddleboarding offers a perfect, holistic workout

which is easy on the joints. In order to move the board, the whole body has to be under tension so it is a strong ‘core’ workout. But it’s not just the core, the legs are needed to balance the board and the arms do the paddling. So it is a very effective total body workout, which will change your body for the better within weeks. Plus, discovering stunning Virgin Island scenery from a SUP is much more fun than being on the treadmill…

Anybody can do and it is great fun for families and kids as well. You can take kids from 3 years onto your paddleboard (with life vest) and kids from 5 or 6 years on can paddle themselves.

For more information and the best places to stand up paddle on St. John, head over to

Still not sure? Check out these photos courtesy of SUP St. John