The secrets of St. John’s tropical forests, petroglyphs, freshwater pools and sugar mill ruins come alive on the three-mile Reef Bay Trail Hike.  You will also see a 40ft waterfall, various plants and animals like deer, bats, land crabs, termite nests.


There are 3 options to do the Reef Bay Trail Hike on St. John

Reef Bay Trail Hike down

3 miles sound short and the Reef Bay Trail Hike is mostly downhill but is not necessarily easy due to its length, steep rocky terrain, short but strenuous uphill sections, and the prevailing heat and humidity. DO NOT WEAR FLIPFLOPS!


Reef Bay Trail Hike up

If you take a boat to Reef Bay, you can swim to land and the hike will be shorter only about 20-30 minutes.


Look for the petroglyphs, mysterious carvings that surround a freshwater pool at the base of a 40 waterfall just off the trail. Aercheologists believe them to be sacred symbols carved by Taino Indians over 1000 years ago.

Fresh Water Pools

The fresh water provides an environment for shrimp, frogs, small fish, dragonflies and hummingbirds. The different shades of green being reflected in the water look truly amazing



High above the pool a waterfall cascades down a forty-foot cliff. But don’t be disappointed, depending on how much it has rained the days before, it might only be dripping.

Amazing Nature


Sugar Mill Ruins


More Reef Bay Trail Hike Photos

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