Update: Pizza Pi has reopened for the season and now is open daily!

Here is a great activity for the whole family. Visit Pizza Pi, a food boat that is moored in Christmas Cove.


Two years of building and we’ve created a 100% custom food boat that will take the familiar food truck concept to the water where we will prepare and serve New York style pizza.”

Chef Tara Bouis


They will make delicious New York style pizza, freshly for your order. You can check out their menu here.


Pizza Pi USVI Hours of Operation:

  • Daily 11:00 am – Sunset


How to get to Pizza Pi

Rent a dinghy, take your own boat or go on one of the St. John Powerboats, for example Rockhoppin’ Charters. We were there with them last week, the pizza is absolutely fabulous, I would say the best pizza in the Virgin Islands so far.

Have a larger group? Sadie Sea also offers charters for up to 32 people!