You can find some great surfing in the Virgin Islands, especially in winter (key season: November to February but can extend into May). During summer you can have those odd days with world class surf after a tropical storm.

While St. John surfing can be fickle, Tortola is usually more consistent.  So head over to Tortola for a day or a weekend and go surfing!

If you are a beginner, you might want to check out

Long Bay

Just west of Apple Bay. Family Friendly beginners wave. Surfable in 3-8ft swell.



Capoon’s (Apple Bay)


Capoon’s Bay, a.k.a. Little Apple Bay, holds a perfectly symmetrical A-frame reef that should provide a buzz, as does the mushroom tea sometimes served at Bomba’s Shack, just in front of the break.


Cane Garden Bay

Awesome point break with endless rides that needs a big swell to work




  • even if the surf looks big, the waves do not have too much power. You will have more fun and catch more waves on longer boards with more volume, say from 6’6″, Egg or Retro Fish Shape. If you are a longboarder, you will love surfing Tortola!

How to get to Tortola

  • You can take the public ferry to the West End which leaves in front of the lumberyard. The schedule is here. From Tortola West End you can take a taxi to Long Bay or Apple Bay (10$). Cane Garden Bay is longer and more expensive.
  • The ferry schedule does not leave you too much time so you might want to consider spending the night at Sebastians (Apple Bay) or Myett’s.
  • If you are a group of 4 or 6 people, you might want to consider chartering a powerboat for the day, for example with Rockhoppin’ Charters. They can also take you to other breaks that can only be reached by boat.

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